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Stop the Video Madness called Russian Roulette & Video Phone

Posted by Katina on November 18, 2009 at 5:37 am

Lately my eyes have been burning and I realized that it is coming from tears caused by viewing two recent music videos. I love music videos, but these two really saddened me. I keep asking myself, is this what young girls are supposed to look up to when they watch music videos?

Fellow blogger and youth activist Yasmin Shiraz (http:/home/katinara/public_html/ recently asked the question – “Rihanna: Where are your pants?” and then opened a discussion about the appropriateness of Rihanna’s new video Russian Roulette.

Rihanna, where are your pants?

Rihanna, where are your pants?

If you haven’t seen Rihanna’s video – take a moment to view it now. It’s an oddly dark video with sexual and violent overtones.

Russian Roulette – Rihanna

Do you think this is appropriate? What is she trying to say? Here is the comment I left on Yasmin’s blog:

Russian Roulette? Seriously? It’s a game of chance played with a gun that has one bullet. As you play, you gamble that you won’t shoot yourself in the head and die. It’s a terrible, terrible, song idea and video concept for a person whose target audience is young adults. Even if she wasn’t just coming out of domestic violence situation, it would still be a terrible, terrible, idea. Stop the madness.

Then I caught Beyonce’s new video with Lady Gaga – Video Phone. What was B thinking? I can only rephrase Yasmin’s question – Why don’t B and Lady Gaga have on any pants? I am too traumatized to break this down properly, but something is terribly wrong when female singers feel that they have to sexualize themselves like this just to sell a record. What is that thing they are doing with the rifles? I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry – or do both. I mean really, why?

Beyonce ft. Lady GaGa Video Phone

I like Beyonce and am really trying not to hate. But all I can say is: “Hot mess. Hot mess. Hot mess.”

Ok. Now that I have got that off my chest, here’s the call to action.

If you are interested learning more about images of women in the media, you should check out these two organizations. The first is Women in Media and News, a media analysis, education and advocacy group. Founder and Executive Director Jennifer Pozner is on the forefront of analyzing women as subjects of media. Her current work is on reality television which bears similar traits to what we see in the music videos discussed above.

The second organization is Black Girls Rock, which I have blogged about before. They are specifically dedicated to counter the hypersexualized images of women in music videos and build the self esteem of young girls.

Please support these two organizations and Yasmin. Maybe, just maybe they can help stop the madness.